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Check pregnant women labor


Birth signs of labor olttaeIf so jinjintong regular intervals as short as analgesic,You can prepare.function:- Pain measurement record- Labor time recording- Labor interval recording- Save past labor record[false labor]The distinction between real pain and this is very difficult.Features of gajintong mainly by lower abdominal discomfort,The spacing of the irregular uterine contractions and not be shortenedStrength is not increased points.In addition, no more masters of the cervix,It has a feature that mitigate a sedative.[labor]Regular uterine contractions that occur due to the pain.General gajintong is 1-2 times an hour,It takes place several times a day. While the pain is persistent and,First start but starts with about 10 to 15 minutesSo gradually narrow the spacing amounts to a few minutes.Often before the rupture of membranes occurs in labor,In this case, even without rupture of membranes during labor,The pain occurs immediately.The mother of the pain is the feeling that the fetus is lighterTo complain,This is because the baby's head coming down and entering the pelvis.